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Schools of Tomorrow wins prestigious ULI Global Awards for Excellence

We are proud to share the great news that the "Schools of Tomorrow" project has not only won the prestigious ULI Award for Education in Copenhagen, but also the international ULI Global Awards for Excellence!

This recognition is not only a token of appreciation for C-Site's largest project to date, but also a celebration of C-Site's origins as a dashboard for simultaneous monitoring of multiple construction sites. We are honored to have assisted AG REAL ESTATE and Philippe Monserez in the construction of 182 schools that are shaping the future of education in Flanders. This wonderful project marks the beginning of our journey.

Double victory

The "Schools of Tomorrow" project strongly won over the jury due to its size and complexity, stakeholder involvement and the social impact achieved through alignment with local educational and community interests, while adhering to strict budgetary, construction planning and cost constraints.

Schools of Tomorrow is a remarkable initiative created through collaboration between public authorities, AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis. This public-private partnership aimed to finance, design and build 182 sustainable and cost-effective school projects to address existing, overcrowded and outdated schools in Flanders. The remarkable thing about this project is its unprecedented scale and complexity, its ability to involve all stakeholders, and the social impact delivered by adapting to local educational and community needs while reducing budgets, construction times and costs.

After European recognition, "Schools of Tomorrow" is now also recognized globally as one of the six winners of the ULI Global Awards for Excellence. This double win will hopefully inspire other initiatives in Europe and around the world.

These two awards are not only accolades for an exceptional project; they are also a tribute to the efforts of all those who have contributed to the success of "Schools of Tomorrow." A sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fantastic project over the years.

ULI Awards 2023 Copenhagen

182 schools

Minister Ben Weyts is rightly highlighting this initiative - which benefits thousands of Flemish schoolchildren:

"In Flanders, the public and private sectors are working together to build new schools. This cooperation is now also garnering international recognition! The Flemish school building program 'Schools of Tomorrow' has been crowned a winner of the ULI Europe Global Awards for Excellence."

So at C-Site, we are proud to owe our origins to a project that is now gaining international recognition.

Overview of the 182 schools monitored by C-Site

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