Get the most out of your timelapses

To start the new year off right, we're passing along 5 tips to get the most out of your timelapse movies.

1. The correct start and end date

Think about what all you want to portray. Are the preliminary earthworks impressive or is demolition of an old building underway? That can make for spectacular footage, so start the timelapse camera early. Don't stop the footage too early either: the construction of the garden, parking lot or green area can finish the project nicely. After all, you are investing in that as well, so be sure to pack it in.

2. The best camera position

What do you want to use the images for? Choose the best camera position accordingly. Do you want a nice overview of the progress, where you can see the project grow, so to speak? Or would you rather be able to see in detail what everyone on the site is working on? Perhaps it would also be nice to move the camera inside after a while to monitor the further finishing or initial activities? Check internally with everyone who will be using the images.

3. Consider the weather

When choosing the camera position, make sure you don't get direct backlight, annoying shadows or pouring rain into the lens. Fortunately, the C-Site specialists are here to advise you on this. That way you get the sharpest images with beautiful light. You can also use the sun's rays to provide sites where there is no power, thanks to the C-Site cameras with connected solar panel.

4. Edit your timelapse

You have a nice timelapse of part of the works or of the entire process. But the possibilities don't stop there. You can supplement the images with your company logo, renderings, plans, a facts & figures sheet, drone or photography images and a nice piece of music. This way you bring the images even more to life, ideal for on your website, social media or during presentations.

5. Also use the individual images

Your timelapse movie is made up of hundreds of individual HD photos. You can use these perfectly without further ado. Your yard during a beautiful sunset, an impressive crane at work or a site full of activity lend themselves perfectly to publication on all your platforms, both print and digital.

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