How do we go about starting a new project?

By now you probably know WHAT we do, but do you know exactly HOW we go about starting a new collaboration? A dive into the C-SITE process.

1. Digital demo

You've heard of C-Site, but don't yet know exactly what it can do for your project(s)? During a 30-minute (online) demo , we'll show you how you can use live images for project follow-up and communication, give a brief introduction to the platform, show a few applicable use cases and provide general pricing information.

2. Indicative quote

Your interest is piqued, but what about the exact budget for your project? You provide us with the practical information about your project: the location, the timing, a render and possibly already a deployment plan. On that basis, we base the type and number of cameras needed and provide you with an indicative quote.

3. Site visit

Hooray, you can agree with the price indication. Because our specialists always strive for the perfect camera location, they come by for a site visit. They look at the possible mounting points, the right light, the best camera angle and all the technical details.

4. Customized quote

Now we know your project thoroughly and have a precise camera implantation plan. Based on this exact data, we make a precise quote tailored to your project. 

5. Installation

No more surprises: you agree to the quote and our technicians can come by within the week for installation. You can see your first images the same day!

6. Onboarding

We'll give you and your team a digital tour of the C-SITE platform so you can use photos and timelapses effectively right away.

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