visual knowledge database

Every project is unique.

Both in terms of implementation and in terms of impact on the environment.

In the continuity of your project follow-up, it is important to document this permanently and objectively to ensure that the specific implementation and approach can be identified and demonstrated at any time.

Visual as-built file.

Our users often notice a delay between the engineering model, the planning and facilities and the documentation or update in the effective implementation.

Projects are so often subject to external circumstances such as weather conditions, suppliers, subcontracting, regulations, etc. which easily leads to deviations from the planning. A real-time and on-site insight into the situation and feedback to the planning and modelling is of great importance.

Connection with BIM and Digital Twin.

With C-SITE you create an addition to your BIM model and extra info for your digital twin. This is important both in the construction phase of your project and in the operational phase in order to be able to retrieve certain implementation in the construction phase, if plans and implementation statements do not provide an objective answer or insight into the post intervention files.

Ask about the options for linking real-time image material to your digital twin or model.