Innovation is integration

As an innovator, we constantly strive to create new value for our users. This is in two innovation tracks that we keep ahead:

Integration & interpretation

1) Integrate

We do this with your operational tools and communication lines.

This way we can connect with your construction site management apps, document management systems, intranet or web environments.

But also with your commercial website or social feeds.

This can be done via our API or via a simple URL or web connection.

2) Interpret

We interpret through specific use cases that you determine yourself.

Which data on the images is of added value to your projects?

That way we can, for example, provide on your image database and via C-SITE

  • recognition of activities & processes
  • zoning with triggers
  • vehicle classifications
  • classifications of objects
  • counting
  • productivity measurements
  • health & safety applications

This information, gained on the basis of computer vision or image recognition,

you can provide the necessary useful information to work proactively on productivity improvement, soil drainage, material management, safety & well-being on site, ...

This evolution is in full swing and we are always available to listen to your challenges and especially use cases and to look together where we can support with C-SITE.

Contact us via info@c-site.eu