C-SITE & Archisnapper

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Document site surveys efficiently & easily

Standardization & flexibility

Every construction site is complex and different with its own parameters such as budget, planning, external circumstances, project team, stakeholders, environmental requirements, ... That is why we focus on standardizing processes with C-SITE. In this way we can create the necessary flexibility to accommodate last minute changes or questions from customers.

We aim to generate the best view of a project for both commercial and operational purposes. From our expertise in project visualization of more than 500 completed projects in a variety of circumstances and complexity, we advise our clients on how they can best visualize the project.

That is why we always plan a site visit with the customer for the installation of the camera (s).

Document your site visit with Archisnapper

As a Ghent start-up, we like to work together with fellow start-ups who also support the construction sector with their digital solutions. For example, we use ArchiSnapper to document our site visits and to communicate with our customers and partners in an efficient and professional manner. ArchiSnapper is an application for construction site reports and delivery reports.

How do we proceed?

Before we install the C-SITE camera (s), we arrive on site at the site to study together with the client where we can best install the cameras in order to get the best picture of the project.

During the site survey

  • we check with the customer where the camera (s) come
  • how we will attach the camerasystems
  • what is needed during the installation (e.g. fall protection, aerial platform, ...)
  • we agree on an installation date
  • we note the contact info of the person responsible on site

With ArchiSnapper we can immediately write down points on the site, add photos and sketches, designate those responsible, ... The site report automatically rolls out, ready to send to the parties involved.

After the visit we can immediately send an automatically generated report in PDF format to our customer. The report also serves as a briefing for the technician who performs the installation.

An ArchiSnapper report ensures transparency and clear agreements, because that is what we stand for. #wemakeithappen

It saves us a lot of time and also looks professional.

Thank you ArchiSnapper for the great cooperation!