[7 Tips] create beautiful timelapses

How do you use timelapse videos for commercialization and marketing?

Looking for dynamic content of your construction project?

Create visual enagement to share with your target audience. Make a timelapse video in a few clicks in C-SITE and share real time images of your project on social media or on your website. We are happy to share some tips & tricks to make them even more professional.

Watch the tutorial video Custom timelapse in the app: https://app.c-site.eu/tutorials/

1. Create a profile :

  • add your logo.
  • uncheck the boxes : time and location.
  • also uncheck the box camera type.

2. period selection timelapse:

  • select the project phase you wish to create a timelapse for or select the entire period (by default).

3. time frame

To create a fluent timelapse and avoid dark images, C-SITE automatically leaves out the night- and weekend images.

But you can also select the hours yourself:

  • select 'Manual' as hour range type
  • e.g. 10h - 16h during winter
  • e.g. 9h - 18h during summer

4. Length timelapse

  • Social media : 15s to 30s
  • Projectwebsite & intranet : 30s to 60s

5. Composite editor : create your project video!

In the Composite Editor in C-SITE you can assemble multiple videos into one. Also pictures and slides  can be merged into a video composition. In that way you can create and edit a video yourself with images and text to use in your communication. Please note that the images have the same resolution as the photos and videos.

6. Openshot

Want some extra video editing functions? Download the simple and free tool Openshot. You can use the tool to cut rainy frames out of the timelapse video.

→ Questions about timelapse montage? Contact emilie.dauwe@c-site.eu

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