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About C-SITE

Curious on visualizing your project in real time using images & timelapses?

C-SITE is a visualization platform for the construction & real estate sector

Your tool for monitoring and documenting your projects under construction. The automatic platform provides a visual as-built reference work that you can use both during the construction phase and afterwards.

The C-SITE project visualization platform automatically creates:

  • real time images
  • livestream
  • timelapse videos

of building projects under construction by our C-SITE on-site cameras.

24/7 an eye on your construction site

With our on-site cameras you can monitor your project under construction at any time on any device.

Visual information is created that you can use :

  1. for operational site monitoring, planning & documentation
  2. as a marketing and PR tool: sharing real-time unique photos and timelapse videos on websites, intranets and social media
  3. as a handy tool to keep your stakeholders informed and involved in the construction process.

Our users vary from project developers & clients to contractors to final investors.

The online application is equipped with a simple plug 'n play end to end service and is monitored 24/7.