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Application for construction site follow-up and marketing

C-SITE is a visualization platform for the construction, engineering & real estate industry with on-site cameras and an automated webapplication.

1) 24/7 your construction site on screen

You can't be at all places at once?

C-SITE helps you monitor and document what is happening at your construction sites at all times so that you can focus on what's most important.

  • a picture every 5 minutes of your construction site
  • monitor your site live from any device 24/7
  • efficient project follow-up
  • visual as-built reference work for documentation
  • easy stakeholder communication

> Contact our sales team for a demo.

2) Dynamic project marketing tool

Implement C-SITE in your project marketing and PR campaign

  • timelapse video creation
  • high quality live photos
  • easy team communication : keep stakeholders informed and involved in the construction process
  • dynamic project marketing
  • livestream
  • automated stream to project website, social media and other platforms

> Contact our sales team for a demo.