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2 December 2016

What is C-SITE?


The C-SITE camera app can provide you with a number of functions that will support your monitoring issues on your construction site.




construction site photography


The automatic pictures provide you with all historic visual data of the progression of your construction site. you can go back in time and the search functions can help you with this.
Construction site photography will be much easier and in real time available in this way.
This means that all pictures from start to finish are always available in the cloud app and accessible at all time.
The photo frequency is flexible and adjustable to serve your needs.
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Automatic generated timelapse are available every day, week and month. This means the camera app creates
construction site time-lapse for your use in construction site monitoring, real estate project marketing, …

C-SITE also provides a time-lapse creator, so in 5 clicks you will have your instant time-lapse ready
and branded with your logo.
In this way the app becomes a creative marketing tool to add other media, slides and messages
to your time-lapse without any installation of heavy time-lapse software.
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The application works with our standard camera systems as well as your cctv camera system, or other IP cameras.
We can easily connect your security camera to our software platform.
We provide full HD, PTZ, 4K,…cameras and are happy to advice you in the use of your existing camera fleet.
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Next to pictures and time-lapse, you can log in straight into your project through a live feed. More than any webcam, of course we provide possibilities to record live feeds and to integrate live streams into other applications,
and much more than any self installed webcam.

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Instead of waiting for the montage and editing of photography on site, with C-SITE you have all visual content
at hand in real time.
You can use the images at any time in the building process. No project manager should be
asked any more to take pictures from the same point of view every week or day, but construction site photograpy happens automatically and can be used for operational and communication goals.
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For all your questions take contact via hello@asoreco.com
or call us at 0032 9 279 12 60 or check out contact asoreco