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Long Term & Short Term Project Pictures & Timelapses


With C-SITE  you can watch pictures, timelapses and livestreaming from everywhere at all time.

The app allows you to support construction site monitoring, creative marketing with timelapse photography
and much more than cc tv systems or security camera apps you can save all of
your history and check it out online at all time.

Connect with your commercial sites, social media or other construction apps.

c-site app


Plug & Play

Get your cam installed

We advise you on the right camera and features for your project.
We do the installation for you. Or if you prefer you can order DIY boxes.

Log in

With your personal username and password you log in to
the secured app.c-site.eu application.
On any device without installing software.


You can see the pictures and
time-lapses 24/7.
You can browse through the picture gallery, tag important pictures,and share


You can see your project whenever and wherever you want.
We store the images for you in the cloud.
Our monitoring center keeps your cameras active so that you don’t miss a thing!


Who uses c-site?


c-site, your buddy to deliver your project on budget and on time.
Use the pictures and time-lapses to follow-up in between jobsite visits,
prepare your visits better,
avoid & settle discussions,
for team and project meetings,
construction progress monitoring
& more than a camera security system all images are always available.


One image says more than a 1000 words! Thanks to the automatic construction site pictures, time-lapses and camera web links you can increase your traffic, reach out and keep the momentum by showing regular updates. More than a webcamera live stream,
you can show your realizations, knowhow and expertise.


Keep an eye and in touch with the field.
Speed up the return on your growth and expansion plans.
Streamline the build of standard units thanks to image processing and analysis.
Increase the scope and span of activities of your teams.
Thanks to c-site they can follow up closer and better with their construction site.
Provide your teams with today’s and tomorrows’ tools.

What is in it for you!

Visual Project Follow Up

  • C-SITE Allows you to provide visual information & documentation about the progression of your construction site
  • Sharing issues with your project team & partners through visual confirmation
  • Check in on subcontractors, deliveries, weather conditions, and more

Real Time Marketing & Sales

Create a buzz and increase traffic on your websites.

Keep your contacts engaged through regular updates.
Make them your ambassadors through the timelapses of the projects.

Use the images for your events and prints.
Save time and budget
through the automatic feeds of images
& timelapses.

Profitable Growth

Demonstrate your expertise to get new business deals.

Speed up return on your expansions,
both geographically or in line of business,
through visual process analysis.

Attract and educate new team members
faster through the visual database of all your projects.

Increase the scope and span of control of your teams.

Security & Safety

C-SITE is more than just an outdoor CCTV camera and so much more than a building site security camera.

Protect against insurance claims and long discussions with visual info.

Obtain automatic alerts and live images
with arrivals and departures info.
Or receive alerts when there is suspicious movement on the site.